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Erin Clyne, LMTFor just a mile square, Hoboken can be a pretty big place to navigate, densely populated and almost as fast-paced as  New York City you can pass by a location or person multiple times and wonder but then are quickly on to the next thing. I recently attended a meeting of the Women Entrepreneurs of Hudson County (WEHC) meeting at The Brass Rail – talk about fast-paced! This was an absolutely packed 90 minutes with one to one meet and greet sessions timed at 45 seconds for a quick hello and business card exchange. One of my brief meetings was with the business owner and licensed massage therapist Erin Clyne. Erin is the owner of The Wellness Lab and we had a (slightly longer) chat about how it all works.

Hi Erin- nice to have a bit more than 45 seconds to chat! Tell me a little bit about what led you to open The Wellness Lab. I received my license back in 2013 in Chicago which was the beginning of my private practice. It wasn’t all that long until I moved here to Hoboken- and eventually opened The Wellness Lab to provide a shared space of like-minded practitioners to support active holistic-minded clients. Each practitioner runs his or her own small business and has a home at Wellness Lab to grow their business to best suit their vision. From being utilized as a business incubator, to being a permanent home for a holistic practice, we strive to support each other in our endeavors.

What kind of services does the Lab provide?

At this point there are 8 practitioners in our community including massage and bodywork,  as well as coaching for career and personal growth, life and divorce work, reiki, nutrition hypnotherapy, and yoga.

It looks like you do quite a bit in addition to the individual session work by practitioners.

A business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In addition to events with WEHC I also do events outside the office, I have monthly meet-ups with fellow massage therapists to discuss concerns around the business and crowdsourcing solutions. We routinely do outreach into the community in order to gain awareness and spread the word about our services.

Learn more about The Wellness Lab and its practitioners on their website.  Consider taking a moment this summer for yourself!



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