Think Pink to Make a Statement

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Think Pink! Pink is such a cheerful, feminine color. It’s cropping up everywhere from fashion collections to social protest to breakfast. Here are a few ways to pink up your day:

Give yourself roses (for breakfast!)
This beautiful pink smoothie by Alpha Foodie has fresh fruit (dragonfruit which is soooo yummy) yogurt and a dash of rosewater, because it’s lovely.

Think Pink

Love those Lips! No Color Added

Sometimes there is nothing added, sometimes, it is just a touch of lip gloss. No matter what, this trend keeps things as natural as they come when it comes to the lips and there is nothing lovelier than that. You see a fresh face with the clear lips at Valentino, a slightly chapped loop to the pout at Balmain, and pale pink rose petal lips at the evanescent Elie Saab Fashion Week show.

Think Pink


Pink Up Your Wardrobe

Pink isn’t just for spring or summer- it’s cropping up in coats, shoes and a multitude of accessories that will carry on throughout the season. We chose this array from Anthropologie to warm up your winter look and take you into Spring.

think pink

Think Pink? Drink Pink!

A lovely way to bring summer into winter is a rose and tarragon gin cocktail. We found a gorgeous recipe by Heather Christo that uses sparking rose lemonade but you can add just a hint of rose water to sparkling lemonade to achieve the same result.

think pink

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