Summer Survival: Jen’s Beach Bag

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Jen's Beach BagIf you really want to relax at the beach the key is a proper beach bag. I keep mine packed by the door, only swapping out bathing costume and towel. Below, in no particular order, are what I consider essentials:

A Good Book: I’m reading How hard can it be?  by Allison Pearson. Hilarious book written by one of my fav English authors for those of us in our later 40’s / early 50’s. Perimenopause, loss of memory and the drain of teenagers are all in this book, but delivered in such a funny way. For those of you with younger children try her previous book “I don’t know how she does it.”

Deodorant: Finally a safe deodorant that actually works!! Native

Summer Skin Cream:  Goe Body Oil.  Super moisturizing and gives you that summer glow

Swimwear and Cover-Up:  My tried and true for a few years has been Eberjay. I love the Tula Cover-up and Spring Blossom Bikini top and bottom.

Summer Hat: Hair can be destroyed by the sun and salt. An open-weave straw cowboy hat like this one is my standard.

Sunscreen: One product fits all with this sunscreen for the whole family.  If you spend a fair amount of time at the beach you know how quickly your family gets through this stuff!  This product is reasonably priced and works! 


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