Are you a Summer or an Autumn? The BEST time for your family session

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Every family is different- while we have some families that like to change things up season to season in terms of location for their family photos, there are some families who are strictly in one camp or the other- so the question is- are you a Summer Family Session or an Autumn Family Session?

Summer Families:

  • Love being on the beach
  • Don’t mind being barefoot
  • Enjoy warm weather and being in the sun
  • Prefer light, bright colored clothing
  • Have the ability to get to a local beach either on the Jersey Shore or the Hamptons
  • Generally have children over 18 months of age (small children are often unfamiliar with sand and may not be comfortable on the beach)
  • Are OK with getting wet
  • May want to bring the family dog (this applies to Fall as well- dogs are multi-seasonal)

Autumn Families

  • Love crisp Fall weather
  • Enjoy wearing deep rich colors
  • Don’t mind if it’s a bit chilly
  • Like playing in the leaves
  • DON’T have an amazingly demanding soccer/ballet/football schedule
  • Have the ability to make a fairly quick decision on Holiday Cards (the window for viewing your images and ordering is slightly smaller!)

Perhaps you are a Hybrid Family. Fall sessions on the beach are absolutely gorgeous!                          These families

  • Don’t want to schedule ANYTHING to interrupt prime beach time
  • Would LOVE one more weekend on the beach- even in a sweater
  • Want to wear their new fall clothes and still have your tan
  • AND be barefoot
  • Hate beach crowds
  • Have a school activity schedule that makes a Fall session IMPOSSIBLE
  • Have a mom who doesn’t want to schedule ONE MORE THING when school starts
  • Need a bit more time deciding on a holiday card image

Of course there are also studio sessions (perfect for children under 18 months- controlled environment and limited distractions) and unique settings (like Court Street in Hoboken) for those of you who want to try something a different.

Whatever session type fits your family it’s always best to book ahead to save the optimal date for your family. Many settings are time sensitive- for example, the ginko leaves in Pier A Park are a glorious yellow for just a short period at the end of October. Booking a session in late November leaves almost no time to order holiday cards.  Dates can be adjusted as needed, schedule permitting- so book your perfect session soon!

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