Let Your Light Shine!

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shineWinter seems to turn my hair into a frizzy flyaway zone!  Extreme temps, cold weather and hats conspire to make curly locks into something resembling shredded wheat. Unless you’ve got my secret weapon: Jack Gibson, owner of Mad One Jacks at 1st and Madison. He works absolute magic keeping hair looking soft and shiny, whether in the dead  of winter or summer sun. I asked Jack to share his recommendations for shiny locks.

Gloss Drops by Paul Mitchell– Often after shampooing, your hair can be ‘too clean’  and it is then a bit fly-away, especially in the winter.    This can give the appearance of  being unhealthy or dry , and dull, especially at the ends.  Adding a bit of a  topical shine to the hair is what the (hair) Doctor ordered! Very concentrated- just a drop or two does the trick.

 The Shine by Paul Mitchell– Used when hair is dry, and is also  handy when used to blow out  thick, coarse hair

The two products above can be purchased at Mad One Jacks or online but for the ultimate shine boost Jack recommends a product only professionals can add to hair during coloring- Paul Mitchell Shines. Shines is a non-ammonia hydrating tonal color, imparting intense moisture  and amino acids into the hair shaft.   Typically lasts 6-9 weeks and fades out with shampooing.  Also contains UV absorbers and  prevents hair from fading.

Brushing the hair with a good natural bristle brush is a simple daily habit to help your hair shine.  There are many types and price points (here is a selection of the best) but look for natural bristles and see a real difference in your hair’s smoothness and shine. When using a natural bristle brush the oil from your scalp is drawn down over the cuticle to help coat the hair shaft. In addition to brushing,  smoothing hair can also help to create more shine… when hair is frizzy, the cuticle is open,  absorbing light.  When hair is  smoothed , the cuticle lays  flat , reflecting light.

Let there be light! Let it Shine, let it shine, let it shine!

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