Milena’s Baby: Mateo’s First Birthday

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Milena's baby Mateo

Mateo’s first birthday was a big occasion for the studio. He will likely be the most (and best) photographed baby in history! Cake smash sessions look like they would be super-simple as it’s a baby, and cake, a natural combination. But! Most babies have never encountered a cake and they approach it like an alien life form- intelligently but with a healthy dose of hesitation. The studio needs to be warm enough for baby to be comfortable but not so much so that the cake melts! Also- the cake should not be too cold either, as its hard for baby to dig into cold buttercream. There are lots of other details but keeping the set simple and elegant and the color palette minimal (in this case blues, white and wood). Add a beautiful baby and VOILA,  A beautiful session. Happy birthday Mateo!

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