The Memories We Miss

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Jen FamilyThis is a treasured possession- my one and only photo of me with both my parents. It’s fading and I will be scanning to preserve what is left of the pigment in this old Polaroid. Perhaps this image is why I was so careful to capture each of the girls as they grew. Being part of a photographer’s family certainly didn’t hurt.

That being said the picture came to mind as I worked with a client who has become a good friend on an album I wish I’d had of my family. As she and I went through tons of images it gave me such joy to assist her in creating a “through the years” album of her husband and their children growing up.

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I was so pleased with the resulting album and worked side-by-side with the designer laying out the pages and telling the story of this dear family. It struck me as I worked that there is no wrong time to begin making memories. Perhaps you feel the same. If so, please call me at the studio at 201.610.1199 to begin your own family album with a session with us.

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