The Knives Have it!

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Many of us inherited a set of knives in a block, or received a set as a wedding gift, or were gifted one or two but what are they each used for? And  what’s the best way to care for them? Also if you have decided to buy yourself some new ones, which are essential? The world of cutlery is complex but this super infographic lists everything you need to know to use the right knife for the job.

Created by ChefWorks, the guide to essential kitchen knives sets out 10 different types of knives with details given on how each one should be used and just why it’s important to have in your kitchen arsenal.


From the Santoku to the Bird’s Beak – also known as a pairing knife – the simple little graphics show all the basic information about how each one should be used.

There’s also some bonus knife tips at the end about how to care for them, things to consider when buying them and how to slowly build your collection starting with the most important first.

Many thanks to this website  for the graphicknives

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