Holiday Craft: Potato Prints

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Potato prints

This is a lovely craft for little ones- I enjoyed making gift wrap and cards with my girls when they were small and just last weekend with Milena and her son Mateo.


Small Sharp Knife

Several large Potatoes (each will make 2 potato stamps)

Small Cookie Cutters (this is a cute set)

Washable Non-Toxic Paint (like this kind from Crayola)

Paper or cards to print on


Step One: Cut the potato in half.
Step Two: Push a cookie cutter almost entirely into the cut half of the potato.
Step Three: Using a small knife, cut all around the edge of the potato about 1cm down through to the cookie cutter. This should allow you to remove the potato from around the cookie cutter.
Step Four: You can then pull off the cookie cutter – leaving a raised area of potato in that shape.
Step Five: Using a paintbrush, apply paint to the potato.
Step Six: Press on to paper to create a print.


Smaller children may need some help with learning how to gently place the potato stamp on the paper without moving it around to get the best print. It doesn’t matter if they don’t get the hang of it (the potatoes are pretty slippery) – the resulting pictures will still be great.

It is useful to have some paper towels handy so you can dry the potato before applying the paint, otherwise, the paint will not stick well. They are also useful for wiping excess paint from the potato in the event that you would like to reuse with a different color.

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