Get Grateful and be Happier

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Get Grateful
Get grateful

If you want to be happy- you need to get grateful- or so says the NY Times.

As the year closes I have been, in quiet moments (all three of them) feeling a sense of gratitude. I even stopped our holiday card in mid-production to add a phrase. “Grateful for all we have“. In gold lettering at the bottom of our card. It felt right.

Certainly these days there are many things to distract us from gratitude. Infernal busy-ness, too much of this, too little of that. But as I look around I know, for me, there is much more on the plus than minus side.

The universe started egging me on to gratitude with a NY Times Op-Ed piece around Thanksgiving. It said- basically- be more grateful and you’ll be happier. I even began asking my daughters nightly at dinner what thing they were grateful for in their day. I also let them know the small things I was grateful for myself. Let’s hope that we can continue with this great habit in the new year!

So thank you. And Happy New Year!


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