The Considerate Holiday Wrap

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Tea Towel Towel Wraps

Rather than recycling tons of holiday wrap and ribbon, try wrapping in a reusable gift- a tea towel. There are beautiful ones to be had (these from World Market cost less than some paper!) and make a considerate gift wherever you go!

You need a fairly large tea towel for a regular sized book or box, so keep a look out for jumbo dish cloths. Terrain has some beautiful tea towels that are the perfect size . Finish it off with a wooden spoon, whisk or a few cute cookie cutters. A bottle opener would work well with a bottle of wine or cocktail book. I love this wine chart towel for bottle gifts! Here’s how you do it:

Tea Towel Gift Wrapping

You’ll need:
your gift
A tea towel about 3 times the height of your gift
A utensil for decoration (optional)
kitchen string (may be needed to secure the tea towel) (once again Terrain to the rescue with glorious colored twines and even frayed velvet ribbon for the boho look)

With your box at a slight angle, place it in the middle of a cotton tea towel. Take opposite corners and pull them to the center of the box. Tie a double knot.considerate

Now grab the other two corners and tie another knot covering up the first. Tuck in any loose pieces for a cleaner look.

considerate 2

Amazing way to dress up a gift of wine or bubbly:

considerate 3


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