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Five Green Ideas for All Seasons

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There are so many great new products that allow us to be a bit more mindful when it comes to our homes and the products we use daily. While “clean” products were, in many cases, less efficient than the traditional alternatives, the latest products lose nothing in effectiveness! Here are some favorites Clean With Just… Read more »

The Simplest Soup: Homemade Ramen!

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Colder weather calls for warmer foods but many soups can take hours to create and sometimes families need food in a hurry. The answer? homemade ramen. While this may sound complicated it’s really not- store-bought broth doctored with whatever ingredients appeal and filled with leftover bits from the fridge and a scoop of noodles or… Read more »

11 Best Outdoor Dining Patios in NYC

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Outdoor Dining Patios Fall is the perfect season for dining or drinking outdoors in New York. I’ve chosen 11 sensational spots for dining as if Manhattan is just the most glorious backyard you’ve thrown together for the occasion. Hudson Hotel What do you get when you mix a garden-centric patio, your childhood home, and a… Read more »

Jennifer’s Fall Favorites

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I admit to loving Fall shopping best. While Spring and Summer have their charms, I do love the soft luxury of warmer fabrics and long flowy looks. Above are my must-haves for the season and links to help you discover your own favorites. Pink Cashmere V-Neck The softest wool in the absolute most-flattering shade Pleated… Read more »

Supporting A Friend’s Breast Cancer Battle

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are many terrific events to raise funds and awareness but what can you do when this disease hits close to home? Approximately 1 in 8 women in this country will develop invasive breast cancer during her lifetime so chances are, you know someone who is or has been… Read more »