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Yummy Apple Butter

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I am determined to make this holiday a little less stressful by thinking about holiday gifts now instead of a mad scramble mid December. To this end Madeline and I will make apple butter on Friday as she has the day off school. This is the perfect opportunity to put my cunning plan into action…. Read more »

Family Time: Edible Bouquets!

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Isn’t springtime lovely?  The flowers are blooming and the produce is ripening  This morning I stumbled upon a perfect spring craft.  Bouquets today are not just for flowers, they can be made with produce as well! Step 1: Go to your local grocery store/ outdoor market to find fresh produce and a few cut flowers (if… Read more »

Family Fun: Mark up Your Garden!

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Last week I posted about container gardens.  Part of the fun after you’ve planted your garden is the labeling!  This is such a fun activity that allows endless amounts of creativity.  Children love to draw and color.  Why not put those skills to good use by creating customized garden markers for your plants?  There are… Read more »

Family Project: Planters

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Kids love nature. They love dirt, they love planting seeds, and watching them grow. With the weather warming up, this is the perfect time to start your own family garden.  The above picture is of our cucumbers, we also planted snap peas, lettuce and herbs.  Here are a few tips that will help you succeed… Read more »

How To Write On A Chalkboard

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Chalkboards seem to be everywhere recently.  I painted one onto a wall in my kitchen to create a fun, interactive way to keep track of actives and tasks.   The kids like picking out the colors and writing their homework assignments on the board.  It has been a big help for all of us to… Read more »