A Quality Frame of Mind

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quality frame

Years ago I decided that a service we would offer clients was framing. (some examples from our newest collection are pictured above). I really wanted to make the process of bringing art into a home a simple, one-stop process. Even more, to offer a level of framing that matched the quality of our images. Over time many of our clients have asked about framing- why should we do your frames instead of a local framer or store-bought, off the shelf solution? We’ve put together a list of what we look for in a quality frame and what Hartshorn does to ensure that your artwork is not only displayed beautifully but that the art and the memories, will be protected for years to come.

What’s a framing session like?

Our primary goal is to help you choose a frame that becomes an extension of your art without ever distracting from that art. That solution will be something that we co-create and resulting in an end product that you will absolutely love. We take into consideration the style and feel of your home to create a perfect match with the frames and your home

Framing Components


I work with clients to select moulding that will enhance your art rather than overshadow it. We have curated a beautiful selection of moulding styles for you to choose from. Working with the world’s top manufacturers, we are able to present the highest quality traditional, contemporary and transitional styles available. We even have styles that resemble reclaimed framing materials like patinaed metal, welded steel or old barn wood.

The primary goal of matting is to protect artwork, creating a cushion of preservation inside the frame. Also important is that a mat provides visual focus, drawing the eye to the artwork and enhancing the overall design based on the color and texture. From a practical perspective, if art is simply placed in a frame, the lip of the frame can cover up as much as 1/2″ of the artwork. Our mats are fabricated from 8 ply stock for a thicker more luxe look and fee. Using a mat allows more of the art to show and creates visual relief between the art and the frame. Not all artwork requires a mat but for some images and homes, matting can add a singular finishing touch.

No matter what type of frame or conservation products used will preserve your art if we simply use regular glass on the project. Non-glare glass is now standard in all our frames for a clearer view of the art beneath. Nothing is more quickly damaging to printed art than UV rays, whether from the sun or interior lighting. Your best choice for protecting the art from the elements is museum glass-conservation grade, UV protective glass. While regular glass is available for the price-sensitive framing it is not recommended for art being displayed in bright, direct sunlight or high traffic areas.

The quality of the workmanship and the materials used to frame your precious art allows us to offer a guarantee for the lifetime of the piece. Should the art or frame have any issue (other than damage from external issues, accidents, fires etc.) we will repair the piece at no charge.

Please feel free to reach out regarding setting an appointment to choose frames for your prints. I will certainly make mention of framing in your presentation and am happy to arrange a time to choose the perfect frames to enhance and display your treasured family images.



Orange You Glad Granola

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I first tried this granola at a yoga retreat and was so impressed with it that I had to get the recipe from its maker. Homemade granola is relatively easy to make, stores well (in a mason jar or other air tight container) and unlike the commercial product is low in fat and sugar. You can also tweak the ingredients to change up sweetener (honey or maple syrup) seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, chia) or nuts/no nuts. If you are avoiding gluten you can use GF oats. Here’s a tip-don’t over-bake your granola! Properly baked granola will still be a bit soft to the touch right out of the oven, but it will continue crisping up as it cools. If you wait until the granola is dark and crispy before pulling it out, your granola will be dry and taste more toasty than anything else. You’ll lose the nuanced flavors of the spices, nuts and honey or maple syrup. Also use the bit of sugar mentioned here. If you were just mixing orange zest into the other ingredients without first mixing it with sugar, you would need a lot more orange zest and you would end up with a lot more bald oranges

New Partner. New Features. New Cards for Holiday 2019

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holiday cards

For years we have worked with partners on the West Coast to provide beautiful holiday cards for our clients. We chose them because they were talented but distance also created issues- last-minute changes were challenging, delivery timing and even little innovations we wanted were not part of their offerings. After several years we have finally found a local partner and are launching exciting new options for Holiday 2019.

Our new holiday card program allows us to offer:

  • An ultra-luxe, heavier card stock
  • Lower-cost foil printing
  • Wider selection of envelope colors
  • Customized envelope liners to match your card- we can even print liners with your own custom image
  • And by popular demand- we can address your cards so they are ready to mail when you receive your order

It may seem early to be talking about Holiday but for us it’s crunch time! If you have not scheduled a session with us for beach or early Fall, now is the time! Our holiday cards are a hit every year (have a look) Please call me at 201.610.1199 to schedule. If you have already had your session with us, let’s arrange a time for you to preview our new collection and all the new design options.