Easter memories!

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Easter is a huge holiday in England, a four day weekend.

As children, my brother and I received gifts, money and huge hollow chocolate Easter eggs 8 to 10 inches in size, packaged with the latest cartoon characters. We would receive at least 5 to 8 eggs from relatives and line them up on top of the piano.

My mum would let us have one piece of chocolate a day so our ‘stash” lasted a month or so!

My girlfriends and I often entered competitions for the best decorated Easter hat and there were some very creative entries – somewhat of a tradition in the UK. My girls will be following our traditions with a pretty funky Easter cake decorated with mini eggs and jelly beans and making Easter hats!

These days Mac and I spend every Easter in Maryland on the Chesapeake with Mac’s family which is very relaxing. Of course, we attend church with his parents on Easter Sunday and are proudly introduced to one and all. It is a very dressy occasion being so close to DC and a weekend retreat of sorts. Smart pastel suits and hats for the ladies, beautiful spring dresses for the girls and sport coats for the boys.

Mac is taking the bike and has mapped out a route for Good Friday – a 70 mile ride to the tip of Maryland and back. He is working up to 100 mile bike rides and seems to be enjoying the challenge. You can go to this link to support his endeavour by making a donation online. He needs to raise $3000.

Enjoy the long weekend- Spring is here….. really!

Image below: 63 miles- to Nyak and back… and the store was closed!

Spring makes me think of Weddings

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When I think of spring I think of new beginnings and weddings are the ultimate new beginning. For years we’ve been asked to do wedding photography, especially from brides choosing less conventional weddings.  I’m proud to announce that we are now offering Wedding Portraits in Studio.

Many brides choose not to do the big white wedding, like Carrie in Sex in the City, they opt for City Hall and a small intimate lunch or dinner afterward. The perfect solution is a photo shoot in our studio that’s all about making beautiful pictures. Portraits may be done before (or after the wedding day) .

Choose to create albums, photobooks, dvd slideshows, wall art or use on invitations, (yes we can do these too!) thank-you notes and notecards.

Call our wedding specialist Marissa (210 610 1199 or  use the contact form at the bottom of the page) for a free consultation to discuss your dream wedding pictures!

Support Mac in the 545 mile Ride for AIDS/Lifecycle

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Mac, previously known for riding a vintage Murray Missile on the streets of Hoboken, has upgraded to a road bike to train for the grueling 545 mile journey along the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Joining him will be his four brothers. Living in varied parts of the country and world, the Hartshorn brothers have taken on the challenge as a great way to raise money and awareness for the charity and also to do something together as a team.

We wish them well and encourage you all to donate a little to this worthy cause.