Almost A Senior! Ready?

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As a parent of a senior (almost), one of the many traditions you will help guide your child through is taking senior portraits. We want to help create the perfect setting and image that will make everyone say, “Wow!”

If you are interested in booking your family portrait session at the beach, we can include time for a senior portrait during the session. Make an event around the shoot with the whole family, with a post-session champagne toast on the beach or a celebration dinner with the family.

We also offer a mini-shoot as an option for a solo senior portrait session. Call the studio for more information and check out some new and beautiful beach images that we have added to the portfolio on our website.


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Mateo Turns Two-Two

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Mateo Turns TwoTwo

Certainly, two-year-old birthday parties can take on high levels of complication- masses of people and overwhelmed littles but I think this gathering absolutely hit the mark- a small group of age-appropriate cousins, an adorable cake topped with a toy for later play and adorable accessories for the guests to play dress up!

Meet Jeremy and Rachel from Hoboken School of Rock!

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We sat down with new Monroe Center neighbors Jeremy and Rachel Pores of Hoboken School of Rock to get to know each other. They are super busy with their new endeavor and we are so grateful they took the time!

 Why open a School of Rock?
My wife Rachel and I decided to open our own School of Rock because we worked for the company for years and we got to see first hand what the School of Rock programs do for the children as well as the adults. In our time at the School of Rock we not only got to teach the kids different instruments but we got to pass on life lessons to them that made them not only better musicians, but also better people.
Why did you choose Hoboken?
We picked Hoboken because of how great this city is, there is a warm feeling in this community, and everybody here is very in tune with how important art and music is to a child’s growth and upbringing. People here support musicians and artists and the culture that we bring to this community, and we picked the right city, we were definitely correct, people have been giving us so much love and support, we are so happy to be in this town!
Is there an age too old or young to learn an instrument?
We start at 3 1/2 years old and go all the way up to 103. We have many programs from young to old all the way up to our adult programs. What sets us apart at the School of Rock is that we like to get everyone in a band and on stage to perform together. We not only do individual lessons but we combine that with group lessons once a week so that everybody can work with a professional musician and learn the art of playing together in a band.
Anything you’d like to add?
I would just say if you are interested in taking lessons or you want to have a fun birthday party for your children, or maybe you want to get some guitar lessons as a gift for somebody, or maybe you just want to come in and take some lessons and get your child some lessons at the same time, please call us up and we would be happy to give you a free trial class and listen to see if the school of rock is right for you, I think once you visit our super-cool space and take a free trial lesson you want to come back and take classes in a fun artistic environment. Hope to see you guys soon, please feel free to call us with any questions at 973-464-0860 or at  Hoboken School of Rock
Hoboken School of Rock  Hoboken School of Rock  Hoboken School of Rock  Hoboken School of Rock