Spring Sessions- Where Will You Go?

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Spring photo sessions are absolutely a marriage of art and science. We have been studying the patterns and timing of blooms for Spring in this area for almost two decades! Whether you fancy a field of daffodils or a sky filled with cherry blossoms we have a location perfect to capture images of your family in the beautiful Spring light.

Stevens Park, Hoboken -is where the cherry blossoms will be in bloom and makes a gorgeous setting for your family shoot. Dates for 2019 completed – call 201.610.1199 to schedule another date

Saturday, April 6th
Sunday, April 7th

Saturday, April 13th
Sunday, April 14th

Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Summit – has a spectacular field of daffodils predicted to be in full bloom at this beautiful location just in time for these sessions. Dates for 2019 completed – call 201.610.1199 to schedule another date

Saturday, April 20th

A few other locations are also possible (call for availability):

New for 2019:

NJ Botanical Gardens/Skylands  offers the elegance of formal gardens and gentle paths winding through the woods- this spot also includes 96 acres of specialty gardens surrounded by 1000 acres of woodlands.

Fort Tryon Park is located just above the GW Bridge this park offers amazing architectural elements as well as beautiful green spaces and an amazing view of the Hudson River and the Palisades for stunning portraits- you can make a day of it- we have some tips for you here.

Saturday, May 4th
Sunday, May 5th
Sunday, June 2nd  

Perennial Favorites:

Pier A in Hoboken is a beautiful spot with a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.

Central Park, New York City is an iconic location where you can create lasting memories with your family.

Cora Hartshorn Arboretum in Short Hills has stone walls, magical ferns and wooded areas which make this a dreamy location for a family shoot.

Davis Johnson Park in Tenafly has spectacular spring colors and when standing on the stone steps one could easily be on a country estate in England.

Visit our gallery for a peek at some of our favorite park portrait shoots.

Weekend dates are available and are booking fast.

Call today to book your session (201) 610-1199.

Meet Our Neighbors:Attain MedSpa

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Attain MedSpaI actually did my research on the Vampire facial on Attain Medspa’s website as I was so excited at all they had on offer- focussing on this one thing was challenging. A vampire facial is actually Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) drawn from your own body! Here’s the download:

What is PRP and why do I want to use it?

OK, good question and we get it all the time.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a high concentration of platelets in its own plasma. PRP contains anti-inflammatory and growth factor properties. When used in skincare PRP improves collagen, skin tone and texture. When used in hair restoration PRP reduces inflammation,supports hair follicle and stimulates growth.

PRP truly is your body’s own liquid gold.

How do you obtain my PRP?

A small amount of your blood is drawn and from there we attain your own PRP. Using your own PRP to restore, regrow and rejuvenate all over the body.

Do all your treatments include PRP and is it required?

No, we offer a variety of treatments and combinations. With so many benefits, we encourage our patients to learn and explore the treatments using your own PRP.

Can I use PRP on more than one area of my body?

Yes! It is not uncommon to have a PRP facial the same day as a hair restoration treatment or scar brightening session. Please let the physician know as soon as possible so that we can draw enough PRP for multiple areas.

Attain MedSpa assure me that they treat the natural effects of time, sun exposure, and life events all over the body, using a variety of treatments. The best part, ALL the treatments are same day with little to no downtime. Great for erasing years of discoloration, fine lines, sagging skin, scars, and hair loss in short, pain- free visits.


The question is not whether to visit but what to choose!




The Memories We Miss

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Jen FamilyThis is a treasured possession- my one and only photo of me with both my parents. It’s fading and I will be scanning to preserve what is left of the pigment in this old Polaroid. Perhaps this image is why I was so careful to capture each of the girls as they grew. Being part of a photographer’s family certainly didn’t hurt.

That being said the picture came to mind as I worked with a client who has become a good friend on an album I wish I’d had of my family. As she and I went through tons of images it gave me such joy to assist her in creating a “through the years” album of her husband and their children growing up.

Weathers-1200px (1)

I was so pleased with the resulting album and worked side-by-side with the designer laying out the pages and telling the story of this dear family. It struck me as I worked that there is no wrong time to begin making memories. Perhaps you feel the same. If so, please call me at the studio at 201.610.1199 to begin your own family album with a session with us.

Almost A Senior! Ready?

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As a parent of a senior (almost), one of the many traditions you will help guide your child through is taking senior portraits. We want to help create the perfect setting and image that will make everyone say, “Wow!”

If you are interested in booking your family portrait session at the beach, we can include time for a senior portrait during the session. Make an event around the shoot with the whole family, with a post-session champagne toast on the beach or a celebration dinner with the family.

We also offer a mini-shoot as an option for a solo senior portrait session. Call the studio for more information and check out some new and beautiful beach images that we have added to the portfolio on our website.


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