Event 3/3 Managing Teen Angst with Maria Sanders

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Tantrums, Acting Out, Stalling- is this Six- or Sixteen? Learn to manage teen angst (and yours) with Parenting Coach Maria Sanders LSW

Navigating the teen years isn’t easier than diapers and nap time was- and getting things like grades, homework and challenging behaviors resolved quickly while maintaining a good relationship is every parent’s concern.

With so many friends and clients responding with “Me too!” to our interview with parenting coach Maria Sanders last week we asked her to come by for an intimate chat with a small group to try and help you work through what can be a difficult time. We have a limited number of seats available so please reserve yours today! 100% of the ticket price will be donated to Family Promise of Hudson County.

Maria Sanders is a Licensed Social Worker and PCI Certified Parent Coach®. She works with parents struggling with any parenting challenge, from getting a child to sleep to communicating with a taciturn teen. Maria works one-on-one with parents virtually or in her Montclair, NJ office. Maria also runs parent workshops in schools, corporate office, pediatrician offices and other community spaces.

My favorite age is now…

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The right time is now

I read the above quote- “My favorite age is now” (Kirsten Dunst) as I was watching Milena, our beauty photographer working with a client in a portrait session.

We have had a number of clients come to us for a beauty session with a battery of concerns about their appearance. To a woman, each walked out saying- “This was nothing like what I expected.” That the person in the images was someone they thought was gone- or never existed at all. Someone beautiful, confident and relaxed in every picture.

I had a session with Milena for my 50th birthday- my first thought? Get it in before it’s too late! What came to me as I looked at the resulting images was a wonderful sense that instead of my most beautiful moments being behind me at all- they were ahead.

Consider booking a session with us- for a birthday, as a gift for a loved one or (most especially) for yourself, after all, you’re at the perfect age.