Capture Your Beauty

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We have all heard the adage that beauty is what is within not the exterior.  Our Associate Photographer, Milena Jimenez has always strived to capture the essence of her subjects and her passion for beauty extends beyond the lens and connects with the women she photographs.

She believes that beauty is the sum of one’s life experiences and the uniqueness of the individual.  We are so excited that Milena is bringing a new aspect to Hartshorn Portraiture.  Beauty.

Milena has created Beauty at Hartshorn Portraiture as a dedication to the selflessness of a woman.  Mothers, wives, sisters, grandmothers put themselves second to caring for themselves.

Beauty is a photography experience that Milena has created where she takes the time to get to know who you are, and produces images that reveal your true beauty.

This is not a headshot, this is not a social media profile picture, this is a time where you can celebrate who you are.  These will be images you can cherish for a lifetime, and look back on and share with your future generations.

Earlier this year on a rainy day she took the time to photograph me- I was nervous but she put me at ease immediatley and I have this beautiful image above to share with my girls. Check our Beauty portfolio to see more of her beautiful images.

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