Family Craft Ideas: Pop Top Bracelets

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Homemade Gift Ideas from Hartshorn Portraiture

Homemade bracelets from my girls!

I quite sim­ply adore the new bracelet my girls made for me over the week­end. They cre­ated these tres chic bracelets with pop pops threaded with rib­bon. Each bracelet can be spe­cial and orig­i­nal by chang­ing the rib­bon tex­tures and col­ors. This quite pos­si­bly may be the lat­est and great­est hol­i­day hobby, so start col­lect­ing those tops.


Collect the pop tops from soda cans.
  2. Clean the pop tops with soap & water. Dry com­pletely.

 File away any rough edges on the pop tops.

Select a string­ing mate­r­ial, such as rib­bon. Your choice of string­ing mate­r­ial will depend on the bracelet design you select. Be sure to con­sider the color and tex­ture of the string­ing mate­r­ial as you cre­ate your design.
If you want to make a cuff bracelet with­out a clasp be sure to use a string­ing mate­r­ial that has at least a lit­tle stretch to it. Leather, imi­ta­tion leather, plas­tic cord, silk cord or rib­bons are all good options.
If you are design­ing a bracelet with a clasp, then you will need a string­ing mate­r­ial that sup­ports that clasp you select.
  4. Measure your wrist or the wrist of the per­son for whom you are mak­ing the bracelet. Determine the num­ber of pop tops you will need based on the size bracelet you are mak­ing and the design you select. 
Make sure to mea­sure the widest part of the hand when cal­cu­lat­ing wrist size. To mea­sure the wrist, fold in the thumb and mea­sure just under the thumb.
  5. Arrange the pop tops in desired pat­tern. You can arrange the tops so that they are hor­i­zon­tal or ver­ti­cal, and in one layer or more.
  6. Feed the rib­bon through the holes in the pop tops so that you weave the pop tops together.
  7. Tie off the end of the string­ing mate­r­ial so that it is secure. You can use a drop of glue for extra secu­rity, if needed.
 Note that if you chose to add a clasp, you will need to do so before secur­ing the string­ing material.
  8. As an alter­na­tive to a clasp or a cuff, you can use a rib­bon and sim­ply tie the string­ing mate­r­ial in a bow rather than using a clasp.

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