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What to Wear at Your Beach Shoot

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I am thrilled to say that we are jam packed with beach shoots this sum­mer. Before you have a wardrobe melt­down, take a look at the col­lec­tion of images that our designer Milena put together. It should give you a head start in orga­niz­ing your fam­ily wardrobe. The Hartshorns will have their annual fam­ily shoot at the beach… Read more »

What to Wear For Your Fall Session

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The eter­nal question…what to wear for your shoot. We had a fam­ily shoot this week­end and I was reminded of the fact that it is a tough job pulling the clothes together. I actu­ally used the color palette that you see here. I chose a pat­terned blouse with cream, blues and rust col­ors, laid it on the bed and added clothes… Read more »

What to wear _ Summer Sessions

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Keeping cool in the sum­mer­time is always on our minds, but we also love to keep up with the trends. This sea­son is all about fab­rics: cot­ton, linen, or even chif­fon. When choos­ing your out­fits, it’s impor­tant to pick a fab­ric that is com­fort­able and breath­able. Recently, I bought a cou­ple of cute cot­ton dresses; they are per­fect to wear all day,… Read more »

What to Wear — Spring Edition

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Our designer — Milena — was kind enough to cre­ate this sto­ry­board for spring wardrobe ideas. With our Spring in the Park ses­sions com­ing up thoughts turn to cloth­ing. The offi­cial pan­tone color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid — “rosy under­tones radi­ate on the skin, pro­duc­ing a healthy glow when worn by both men and women.”… Read more »

What to Wear– Maternity

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What to wear for your ses­sion — we are often asked this ques­tion. While your body, not your ensem­ble, is the focus of the shoot, you’ll prob­a­bly want to wear some­thing! Bring some wardrobe options, Instead look for a break between the boob and belly and more relaxed fit below the waist. Solids look best; they’re time­less, we… Read more »