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The Lemon Cake We Make for Easter

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Each year the girls and I make a lemon cake for the family’s Easter Sunday dinner. This Easter will find us in Miami and we may or may not be able to convince the girls to leave the beach for a hot kitchen, and I may not be able to convince myself! But for those… Read more »

Hibiscus Cocktails for Summer

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Hibiscus Cocktails Dried hibiscus flowers are used in a number of Latin American countries to brew teas or to create a cold drink called Agua de Jamaica. Hibiscus sabdariffa (commonly known as Roselle) is known to not only make a great tea, but also lower blood pressure. The dried hibiscus blossoms can be a good base for curry, and… Read more »

Going With The Grain

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  Even though I am a fan of a Sunday roast dinner, our family’s go-to dinner is usually plant-based and features whole grains and legumes. A vegetarian diet can sound a bit dull but the addition of new grains – actually older strains like quinoa and farro, add interesting flavors and textures to our meals. Grains… Read more »

Make Mine Caffeine

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I’m not a coffee drinker- it’s just not something I enjoy. For my caffeine I love a good cup of tea. However. I live in a world of coffee drinkers and it’s definitely the beverage of choice at the studio. So I trust local experts for recommendations on which beans to buy (Aggie’s Blend at… Read more »

The Knives Have it!

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Many of us inherited a set of knives in a block, or received a set as a wedding gift, or were gifted one or two but what are they each used for? And  what’s the best way to care for them? Also if you have decided to buy yourself some new ones, which are essential?… Read more »

Avocado be MINE!

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  Never has avocado been prettier! Food Deco  is a website by Colette Dike out of Amsterdam. I absolutely love the idea of using an avocado as a bowl and replacing the seed with fresh hummus, brilliant! The top is  sprinkled  with extra add-ons that lend texture and a little kick: think hot chili peppers, chives, sesame… Read more »