Hartshorn Holiday Gift Guide: Objects We Desire

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The Hartshorn Holiday Gift Guide: A List for all those Naughty OR Nice

I’d love to say that everyone has been on super exemplary behavior all year but with the world in such a trying place (traffic jams, power-outages, rain induced floods) we can all lose our cool. The goal is- do better NEXT year and we’ve come up with a holiday gift guide to encourage best behavior for 2017.


For Her: A list to be accidentally left on the fridge in plain sight to eliminate any confusion about what you REALLY want

Light as a feather and warm as a cozy fire- cashmere wrap by White and Warren 

Delicious all-natural essential oil blends by Naturopathica are beautiful for scenting a pillowcase or scarf or in an infuser.

Holistic meets high tech in a smartphone-controllable ultra-luxe infuser used by luxury stores and hotels, now available for home use.

Tea caddy or craft kit? I can’t decide- but this beautiful hand-turned tool box won’t wind up in a closet between uses!

holiday gift guide for him

For Him: Because neckties & after-shave are as much fun as socks for Xmas

This is Mac’s look for winter- a mock neck buttoned sweater  in lightweight merino wool over a shirt with a sports coat.

Track your path, steps, and answer a few texts all with this next-gen fitness tracker-watch

Our marketing director Melanie’s husband swears this is the key to being a Pit Master at your own backyard grill .

Mac estimates he has 56,206 songs (precisely!) in his database- here’s the Sonos speaker–  a great way for him to play them at home or in the studio and control the flow from his phone.

holiday gift guide for littles

For Them: Littles know what they want but here’s things you’ll both love

Love this alpaca jumper with floppy ears– they’ll wear it rain or shine!

Sometimes your best buddy wears a pointed hat- choose from Holga or Henry  and naptime will never be lonely.

For winter gear the ears have it- a local mom in Weehawken makes these adorable bunny aviator caps for littles and bigs.

These 7.5″ superheroes are super tough! Choose from 4 styles- each comes with their own storage box and will provide hours of fun.

holiday gift guide for teens

For Teens: Going beyond i-Gifts to see them shriek with delight

One less cord to tangle and the music plays on- 14 hours of listening on a single charge-wireless headphones you know they want them

What’s better than a selfie with friends? One you can hold in a wallet-sized print! The Fujifilm Instax brings back memories of the Polaroid Land Camera– without the shaking.

The next best thing to a wooden container to drink from? The S’well bottle in wood tones– 3 grains, 3 sizes to keep them stylishly hydrated.

Oh- and wireless speakers for their iPhones- the bluetooth-enabled pill speaker by Dr. Dre is advertised as “small but loud”. Perfect.

We’d love to hear about what gifts you’d put in your own family’s holiday gift guide- let me know!


A Hartshorn Thanksgiving

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hartshorn thanksgivingA Hartshorn Thanksgiving is a jolly travelling, running, loving, and eating affair- much like yours I’m guessing.  This Thanksgiving I’ve been looking for new things to be thankful for- one of those is the internet in general and Google in particular- did you know:

In 1621 the first Thanksgiving was attended by 50 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoag tribesmen?

That turkeys can run nearly 20 mph when frightened?

That the Mother of Thanksgiving was Sarah Josepha Hale– magazine editor and mom (she wrote Mary Had a Little Lamb). She campaigned for 36 years to have Thanksgiving made a national holiday convincing Abe Lincoln to do so in 1863. So for these things we are thankful:

That we will spend Thanksgiving in the presence of beloved family and friends.

That we didn’t actually have to chase a frightened turkey to the table.

And lastly:

We are thankful for the tenacity of mothers, who make this holiday possible.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Placecards, Please

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placecardsPlacecards, and why you should consider them. It was once explained to me that etiquette, far from being antiquated and dated, was actually a way for everyone to be comfortable in a social situation by laying out one set of rules so everyone knew what was expected of them. Put guests at ease and avoid confusion with place cards. Here are some wonderful ideas from Brit & Co.  Whether you choose pre-made folded cards or hand-crafted holiday keepsakes it’s a wonderful way to keep feuding aunties at opposite ends of the sideboard! I saved a bunch of mini white pumpkins from Halloween that we’ll spray gold for our table this year and adorn with placecards.