Making Marketing Delicious

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After a long search last winter we finally located a new marketing and community outreach person for Hartshorn Portraiture. The winning candidate was Melanie Rudin, a former luxury marketer with NYC icons that included Tourneau, the watch company and Kate’s Paperie. She had decided to work on her own as a boutique marketing firm. We knew we had gotten more than we bargained for when she “catered” her first day at work with homemade crackers and hummus, fruit and veg and a killer coffee cake (Melanie’s “healthier” version subbed non-fat Greek yogurt and sprouted wheat flour). It seems our luxury marketer had previously owned 2 bake shops and did a stint as a coffee buyer for Dean and Deluca with the original owners! As her husband is a former chef and BBQ judge, we feel the future looks extremely bright, and tasty!DSC_6538-SM.121146

Mac’s Summer Challenge

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Most people relax in the summer- diets loosen up- the weekend drink turns into a daily sunset cocktail and as the song states- “the livin’ is easy”.

Unless you’re Mac.

Each summer when we hit the beach, Mac sets himself a challenge- one year it was as simple as no shaving (prickly but we managed). Next came the summer of no shoes, ever. That was interesting- we did learn that concert venues and fine dining establishments would accomodate us if Mac simply acted as if “no shoes” was a completely reasonable choice for any thinking person.

There was one challenge that has outlasted all the others, Mac plans to once again head to the beach every morning and watch the sun rise. If he has a shoot, he’ll invite folks to meet him as the sun touches the horizon but working or not, Mac goes to the beach to observe the dawn.

He says the light is at its best. From a photography perspective everyone is cooler, fresh and relaxed and the sunlight is particularly kind, smoothing away circles and lines and leaving a glow of youth. The colors are stunning and the beaches deserted with nothing but sandpiper footprints in the sand for miles.

Choosing a morning shoot this summer will mean very special images for you and your family. Read some recommendations for beach wear for your shoot, here and then choose a morning to hang with Mac for the sunrise. Give us a call and arrange your beach shoot at (201) 610-1199.AMlight.130120