Community Supported Agriculture

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With the warmer weather comes thoughts of fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles. If you have ever con­sid­ered get­ting involved in CSA now is the time. Here is how it works:

You join a CSA and pay a mem­ber­ship fee—your sea­sonal “share” of the farm—at the begin­ning of the grow­ing sea­son (to help the farm at the time it most needs money, for exam­ple, to buy and plant crops), and in exchange you get a “share” of every­thing that is grown on the farm that season.

Below are a cou­ple of links to help you find a CSA in your area.



If you feel that you would not know what to do with all that fresh pro­duce another option is a Food Coop. I am involved with one and pick up in Weehawken. I am e mailed an order form every 2 weeks with a list of what is avail­able — fresh pro­duce, meats, milk and cheese. The pro­duce comes from sev­eral dif­fer­ent New Jersey farms.

Either pro­gram is great in so many ways! It pushes you and your fam­ily to try veg­eta­bles that you are not so famil­iar with while sup­port­ing local farms.

Brownie in a Cup

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We finally broke and got our girls phones for Christmas and soon after our daugh­ter Cameron got hooked on Instagram. Not good news as far as I was con­cerned but then she sur­prised me one day by bak­ing Nutella brownie in a mug a recipe that she found while check­ing her feed.

It’s sim­ple and tasty but if you want some­thing a lit­tle more sophisi­cated try The Ultimate Gooey Caramel Brownie Mug Cake Sundae.